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Apple sets Sept 9 iPhone event: report

NEW YORK: Apple has scheduled a Sept 9 event to unveil its long-anticipated large-screen iPhone, the online news site Re/code reported Tuesday. 


Kluster MyOdyssey di bawah Unit Jangkauan Global, Bahagian Education Malaysia akan mengadakan program‘Malaysia-Indonesia Dialogue on International Higher Education’ dengan bertemakan ‘Internationalising Academic Curriculum To Enhance Learning Outcomes’.

Technology News

Technology News

Sep 05 Written by

Technology had a fantastic year in 2012. There were business events, patents infringed and a lot of devices launched. I want to give you my view of the most important tech events that defined and shaped the year.

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Bits, Bytes and Miscellaneous Technology News

We’re close to Christmas, which can only mean one thing: Yes, consumer electronics manufacturers are gearing up for big CES event in Las Vegas on January 6. That’s the chance for everyone in the trade to convene, share holiday successes and war stories, reflect on what went well during 2012, and look ahead to new products in development.